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Building A School For India’s Future Female CEOs and Presidents

Building A School For India’s Future Female CEOs and Presidents

“Necessity is the mother of all invention.”

A building is more than a shelter over your head. A building can provide the space to do the right thing at the right time. A building can be a refuge from the noise of the world — it can also be the HQ for a committed group of people who are changing the world.

AMs constructs buildings that make a better future. One such building is the Avasara Academy — an institution built to produce future female business CEOs and leaders of other stripes.

This article tells the story of how AMs built an eco-friendly school campus. Avasara Academy keeps the students close to nature while also enabling access to the latest technology. But before we jump into the story, let’s talk about the problem that Avasara Academy is trying to solve.

A problematic trend has emerged in India’s labor economy. According to the International Labour Organization, in 1990, 35% of the Indian workforce comprised of women. This number dropped to 20% in 2010. This trend continues till date.

Just as women drop out of the workforce in big numbers, girls drop out of schools in similarly alarming numbers as well.

This is especially a problem at the level of secondary education. The enrollment rate in primary education is pretty impressive — upto 98% of girls are enrolled, even though a lower percentage regularly attend. This drops down to 80% at the level of secondary education.

At first glance, this seems like a puzzle. Why do girls who are enrolled in school till 8th grade suddenly disappear in 9th grade?

Further data provides the answer. It’s because the schools disappear, too.

In rural India, for every 100 schools that offer primary education up till 8th grade, only 14 schools exist that offer secondary education.

This is why the Avasara Academy near Pune is so important.

Avasara Academy

Avasara Academy is at striking distance from Pune — hardly 10 kilometers away. Avasara academy’s expert tutors teach a world-beating curriculum to its female students. Avasara’s adult to student ratio is among the best in the world — there is one adult for every 15 students. Avasara’s curriculum gives special attention to critical thinking and social awareness.

Young girls across India want to study — as a nation, we have often failed them. This is despite the fact that as a country, we will only gain from educating our young girls. Mckinsey has reported that India can add $770 billion dollars to its GDP by expanding access to education and business opportunities to its young girls. Narendra Modi wants to make India a five trillion dollar economy — the road to that might very well lead through classrooms for young girls.

The founders of Avasara Academy wanted to build an institute that would help India tap into the under-utilized potential of its girls. AMs shared that vision.

Here’s how AMs helped build Avasara.

AMs used unique materials, innovative color schemes, recycled objects, and other design solutions to build the best school possible for young Indians. The best because they deserve no less — and because stopping short of our best gives us sleepless nights.

Bamboo — The New Chic

Bamboo may be the most underrated construction material in history.

Did you know that bamboo is one of the fastest-growing plants in the world?

Or that bamboo has a higher compression strength than concrete or wood? Compression strength is a material’s ability to not break under pressure. That’s right — literal concrete crumbles before bamboo.

Another extraordinary feature: to pull a bamboo stick apart requires more than four times the pressure required to pull apart a human bone.

Pretty impressive for a substance that technically qualifies as grass, right?

AMs used bamboo extensively while building the Avasara Academy. The most prominent use came while building the facade. Instead of building the millionth academy with glass facades (that trap heat and, well, look boring), AMs used bamboo sticks. This created a warm rustic vibe, provided shade, and gave the Avasara Academy a unique, signature look for the decades to come.

Pastel Is The New Black

The effect of color on mood and performance is so important that an entire sub-field of psychology called Color Psychology is devoted to studying it. For a builder, though, color is a yet tool to use to improve indoor experiences.

A simple guide to the emotions that some common colors induce.

Psychology Today has noted that light, pastel-colored walls make a room seem spacious and airy. Pastel colors, if used right, can also enhance people’s moods. In short, bright colors literally brighten up a person’s day, and light shades can make you feel tangibly lighter.

All these insights were kept in mind while designing the interior spaces of Avasara Academy. The ceilings walls and certain rooftops have been painted with pastel colors. These color schemes subconsciously give the exact message that we want them to give to young girls — the ceilings are farther than they look, and they shouldn’t be afraid to go past them anyway.

If Solar Panels Are On Top Of The Building…What’s Underneath the Building?

Avasara Academy has also been built to require zero energy from outside. The Photovoltaic Solar Panels on the roof power the ceiling lights, fans, and hot water geysers in the building.

But every building has solar panels these days, right?

Here’s something, however, that every building doesn’t have: vast underground pipes.

AMs has built huge subterranean air-tubes under Avasara Academy. These tubes keep cool air flowing under the building, thereby cutting down the overall dependence on air conditioning.

We are certain that Avasara Academy alumni will go on to achieve great things in the future. We at AMs are proud to have played a role in the training of these future leaders.

Are you a board member looking to build a new college building? A trustee looking to build a new school branch? Reach out to AMs today for the most eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions.

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