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Cellular stress

Cellular stress

Exploring an intimate relationship between your phones and your subconscious stress levels

Scientific impact of cell phones on our brain cells

Cell phones emit radio waves which are absorbed by the tissues closest to them. These waves are measured in set absorption rates known as SAR measured by watts per kilo of body weight. These SAR’s have a direct effect on the body and mind leaving you even blank for a moment or two.

The increasing use of cell phones have put us in a situation today where we have to mandatorily monitor our hours on our cell phones for our mental and physical well being.

The surreal representation of an ideal world

Have you ever noticed that after scrolling on your cell phones, in between switching from Facebook to Instagram and then Snap chat or twitter maybe, your mind’s giving you the signal to stop for a while and pause your usage? This is the signal to your brain that tells you that the emitted radio waves have reached your stem cells in the brain causing unavoidable heat per kilo of your body weight that leaves you lethargic and even angry sometimes.

Effects and expectations gap

This feeling is quite unsettling, noting that on an average every cell user is on their phone for at least 10 hours a day? Can you imagine the detrimental effect it has on your brain? It’s like it gets rewired into social webs that psychologically affect your brain power in the first place?

Many journalists across the world have reported the negative effects of cell phone frequency and its connection to slowing down your memory or concentration, but what sociological effect stands out today to be reported is the connection between your cell phone and your personal well being.

Be honest, sometimes when scrolling on your phones, don’t you feel insecure about your friends having a better life to display than yours? Or the brands of utility you’re exposed to through promotional ads and how sick you feel upon not being to afford them?

These feelings of insecurity are gauged by your brain that slows you down mentally and physically. In addition to psychological effects of the cell on you there are many sociological reasons why you can be termed as socially dependant on your cell phone 24/7. This can adversely affect your feeling of being normal and directly put you in a position of the receiving end.

Statistics say that 300 million out of a population of 1 billion population in India are hooked to their cell phones every hour! So what does it say about our psychological and social well being as a generation?

Parallel universe kills real reasoning

It means that we are contrived into believing in a parallel universe that exists in seclusion for us while we are simultaneously losing our control over reality. A universe where everything is instagrammable over a reality where the pictures are infact taken out of a make shift bedroom says a lot about our perception of how our world and social circle should perceive us as opposed to the reality of how it actually is.

This massive usage is making our generation people pleasers where the count of our followers matter more than the actual money in our bank accounts! The world’s slowly but significantly becoming a fake haven that only craves to see the world in all its bloom often forgetting the grim insecurity that bring out this dual personality in us.

Becoming aloof ion a group, mentally slowing down in the day due to various factors on social media causing you to feel not good enough is all the more reason why the usage of cell phones should be interrogated scientifically to spread awareness of a reality greater than just pleasing people.

Correlation of stress and cell phone usage

The subconscious stress levels that reduce your appetite make you unfavorably quiet sometimes or the fact that cell phones pause a threat to your very mental well being is directly connected to the hours you give yourself exposure on your phones.

The absorption of a fairytale through your phones and the return of your psychological voyage back to reality create high levels of stress in us that render us to be vulnerable not only to the parallel digital universe but also our feeling of normalcy and security in real life.

Basically the longer you’re on your cell phone the more cut off you become from reality and the society in general. You then perceive the world to be something which it is not and your expectations grow into surreal demands from yourself which for the average working class can be unachievable to be honest.

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