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How quality control technology harbors the project management business

How quality control technology harbors the project management business

“We have to stop optimizing for programmers and start optimizing for users.” — Jeff Atwood

And that’s exactly what the world of services is coming to- Optimising technology for a guaranteed ROI for brands in a technology first world. Let me explain that. This line of thought is best when compared to the current scenario in the project management business of real estate. Very few companies in India like us have adopted the culture of quality control systems right from day one of signing projects for AMs.

Quality control systems are imperative in the construction business. Many companies are downsizing employees because project management has evolved to a state where quality control apps give admins full control of project execution quality right till the end of the project. This is because it’s the process you undertake while deploying quality measurement tools that determines the project’s success within deadlines.

According to a report by KPMG 2019, about 25 countries globally are adopting a digital transformation to reinvent processes. Almost 71% goes to digitizing work platform globally.

The untimely delivery of process execution data and the inability to visualize projects to their finality in real time; that’s why project management companies like us are adopting these quality systems for faster turnover of projects and detailed sharing of process data so that we know where and how the project is shaping up at each stage of the project lifecycle.

At the moment we, at AMs have adopted one quality control system and a second technology called BIM.

One Quality App which is user friendly and real time quality control tool, reducing paperwork and has a shorter turnaround time when it comes to sharing data / inputs required to deliver quality works. It also generates a dash board wherein quality data for multiple projects can be viewed by a centrally controlled administrator.

BIM, a fairly unique proposition for architects and for project management companies like AMs. What BIM does is, it lets us visualize the construction activity in 3D which allows us to further predict the quantities to be used, the time it would take for its completion and even the project budget.

The trend to grow businesses in a competitive scenario has resulted in companies opting for inorganic growth by collaborating with agencies / organizations that have specific expertise to deliver those services for our clients thereby saving time in training the employees and get the best quality results in 2–3 months as opposed to almost a year, if done in house.

Our quality app use in projects is what drove us to being selected by Singapore based BuildQAS, a quality assessment system for collaboration to bring Singapore construction quality standards to India.

The digitisation of processes and the agility of outsourced expertise is truly transforming the project management business and this trend is only set to grow further in popularity amongst industry players in 2020.

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