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Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black

Real estate fundamentals have seem to have taken a major dip in the last two quarters of the financial year 2019 with an almost 20% drop in overall housing projects across Indian geographies. A fall of 2.7 million units sold over the 3.7 million units built. According to reports, real estate industry is facing perhaps its lowest slowdowns in a decade which is majorly due to its direct correlation with the current economic backlash.

Sentiments among real estate sector’s stakeholders have only worsened in the second quarter, reveals a survey by a leading national real estate development council.How then should investors treat this shortcoming that’s plaguing the otherwise profitable sector?

There is an emergency in the demand for real estate counselors in the Indian market that can bring timely and cost effective geographical logistics to the table. More than that management companies with their core expertise in offering location specific real estate solutions for brands play an important role in helping real estate companies invest with guaranteed ROI.

The rising popularity of such a business model makes it safer and easier for investors to redeem calculated profits and it’s a win-win situation for the buyers, planners and investors. “Being in the construction management business for over a decade has allowed us, at AMs to grow steadily in the real estate business. We have some of the smartest minds at AMs to guide the future generation with expertise and managerial history. This discipline allows us to merge our expertise with new ideas to bring about new-age and relevant investment solutions to all our clientele.”

Sound fertility of the markets is best predicted by the locals of any real estate investment. What we do is hire the best minds in places where the investment is planned, we adopt regional or urban skills to bring us safe construction management execution.

Project management companies can bring about an economic revolution thereby paving paths for employment in the country. The commercial real estate business according to Economic Times states that this industry has shown a 42% climb in investment absorption in the first nine months of 2019. This is the estate space we see business leaders leaning on in 2020 more so than ever. The promising landscape of commercial projects opens markets to intrigue and close scrutiny going forward.

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