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Pushing Boundaries in Quality Management

Pushing Boundaries in Quality Management

AMs Project Consultants Pvt. Ltd. has signed an MOU with Singapore based Quality Assessment System BuildQAS, to achieve construction excellence in India.

The collaboration will combine each other’s existing quality platforms and operations and enhance our capabilities across India.

What is BuildQAS ?

BuildQAS, which is trademarked in India, is an assessment system founded by experienced building quality assessors and trainers from Building Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore. It is a standard used to assess the workmanship quality of a new building crucial to the Client / Developer / Contractor. This would include the all-important internal finishing’s of a building as well as the external features such as the building façade, its amenities and supporting structures.

Developers have committed more than Singapore dollars $1.6 billion worth of Development over the next 4 years. These projects include high end condominium, mass market apartments, hotels and commercial buildings.

What will the collaboration create?

Our collaboration with BuildQAS will place AMs amongst prominent players in India in terms of bringing in best practices followed in Singapore for Quality Management. This is akin to bringing Singapore quality standards to India through objective quality assessment systems such as CONQUAS, which is set to raise the construction quality awareness.

The collaboration is driven by the shared vision of AMs and BuildQAS, to create a bench mark in Quality Management to enhance customer and end user satisfaction levels. A huge value add by way of training construction industry professionals who would further deliver high quality workmanship on projects.

How will the collaboration evolve?

In the first few weeks of the collaboration, AMs and BuildQAS will define the strategy and key objectives. There would be structured sessions on knowledge sharing and integration of BuildQAS training modules with AMs training systems. SOP’s will be formulated, creating the way forward for a seamless delivery process.

The key to this collaboration would be the utilization of existing team and workplace, taking benefits of the synergies and shared culture and effectively using the network to build business in different geographies.

What will be the USP for this collaboration?

AMs will bring tested technology in Quality Management which will get augmented through delivery by experts from BuildQAS initially. Once Operating Procedures are established through knowledge sharing with BuildQAS, the services will be delivered in BuildQAS branding and operated by AMs across India.

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