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Time to recycle man

Time to recycle man

Striking the right balance between technology and people

The genesis of technology upholds the law of progress. This decade is witness to multiple stages of man’s evolution. Building better software to assist man in his endeavor to outdo success speaks for itself today. Technology is at its peak, thereby becoming irreplaceable to human. In this unique chain of man-tech to tech-man the lines between these two species are slowly blurring. In this era of alien projection, it’s become a survival skill to continuously upgrade our expertise on being the end controllers in the man-tech chain of progress.

Striking the right balance between technology and people is becoming increasingly crucial. Skills that are more pervasive are required in a dynamic world of tech vulnerability. Human resources across the globe are in search of technical skill sets combined with the adeptness to sound instinctive decisions for those board meetings. The entire landscape of hiring is changing with these changing times. For example: We now don’t need a project manager to manually manage construction proceedings. But what we need is a skill holder that will control the software that oversees the project management.

Cutting the middle man is what tech has done. Having said that, we can’t discount the fact that it has in fact opened up newer avenues of education to manage its operations at all levels in the job hierarchy. Constant skill upgrade is the key word here. At AMs, we don’t downsize employees. We enable them with the right skill sets to be on top of the game. By offering incentives and motivation we seed newer foundations at work to improve their job profiles.

Real estate has always been a man powered industry. However, adoption of certain technology has reduced redundancy at work. This has worked well for us for we are in the man-tech chain and not the other way around. For example: Senior officers working with us are empowered with intuitive efforts to keep our boat floating. This expertise could definitely not be satisfying by any software. This is where man has evolved where tech can’t out do his skill of experience and intuition.

We use technology to enhance results but at the same time we don’t let it replace our people. With skill upgrade programs we let man be the end controller of decisions made using machine. It’s very important that employers across industries understand the need to recycle man’s skill to control machine and thereby enhance the quality of labor.

Real estate sector is seeing a lot of technological advancement but traditional way of working still holds good in a lot of activities. Moving forward, the direction in which the sector is moving, anyone who has used technology or anyone who has the knowledge of using technology that can help enhance effectiveness of our services will surely have an upper hand in the selection process.

Being tech savvy was never as important than it is today. Becoming the controller instead of being cornered is the way forward. Using technology to our advantage, becoming action not reaction is where we’re headed. Tech will be at every level of job. So using tech that enhances our job profile more is what the industry is looking forward to.

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