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Valentines’ Special: Couples That Build Together, Stay Together

Valentines’ Special: Couples That Build Together, Stay Together

Similarities between a relationship and a house — both need to be repaired often, both act as solace from the world, both provide comfort, we grow attached to both of them

Happy Valentine’s Day to all readers!

A relationship is a lot like a building. Some are new and exciting — others are old and comforting. Sometimes, we need to realize when we are inside a relationship — or a building — that is beyond repair, and gather up the courage to leave. At other times, the underlying structure is still rock-solid — it is only the surface level paint that has rathered dust. All that is required is a fresh coat of color, and the house — or the relationship — will be good as new. Both relationships and buildings can become our solace from the noise, chaos, and cruelty of the world. Both can feel like self-contained worlds unto themselves.

Both can feel restrictive.

We can go on.

Both relationships and buildings have hidden spots — places where you would rather not go.

Both are constant works-in-progress.

In this article, we are taking advantage of the occasion to talk about couples who build buildings together. We will also explore some heartwarming stories of how amateur but creative couples have built their homes together. What happens when couples build spaces together? Are there conflicts? How do their individual tastes jostle for space?

The colorful history of architecture has always had couples who were also professional partners. One of the most influential design partnerships of the 20th century was between Charles and Ray Eames. They met on a vocation course when Charles was trying to do something impossible: create a chair out of a single piece of plywood. No glue, no welding different parts together — just one piece of plywood molded into a functional chair. He took his design to a competition and Ray helped him work out some chinks in his armour. The chair did not win — tools did not yet exist to bring Charles’ vision to life.

That chair brought them together, however, and in a sense, rewrote the future of architecture. Charles and Ray’s partnership would lead to the mass production of chairs that combined great beauty with great functionality. What they did was truly radical — they revolutionized sitting. Sitting is something human beings have always done — Charles and Ray’s partnership added a dash of style and a layer of thoughtfulness to it.

They got married in 1942 a year after their first partnership with the chair. Their idea of a honeymoon? A road trip across the USA.

They influenced architecture to the degree that in 2008, the US Postal Service released a series of stamps to celebrate their contributions.

These partnerships — simultaneously cute and inspiring — are found in the contemporary world of architecture as well. One of the most heartwarming of these partnerships is that of designer duo Brittany Hart and Justin Capuco. They have embraced their identity: a married couple who are professional partners, as well. Their architectural firm is called Husband-Wife. Their domain extention is husband-wife.us — an intelligent play on the fact that they are married, and that their company is based out of the US. Brittany jokingly told the PIN-UP Magazine that the most difficult client she’s had is her own husband. They have designed beautiful structures together — but their biggest challenge, they say, is collaborating on their new home.

Relationships and design can combine to create a beautiful, uplifting effect. Look at the following chair, for example:

We know you will see a lot of endearing pictures today — but very few will beat this. This is a partner desk that Julian and Max bought at Holler and Squall. Holler and Squall source their furniture from “auctions, estate sales and flea markets.” This desk is for use for two people — and there is space in-between for shared pens, notes, and ideas. Couples spend their life together, and since work is a big part of everyone’s life, they sometimes work together, as well. This is the most beautiful arrangement of working together we have seen — and we hope this gives furniture designers inspiration to create coworking spaces for couples.

Forrest and Michelle, who are married and run an advertising studio together, had a gala time building their home together. They have a bright, tropical style — and that clearly comes through in this article.

One of the most impressive items in their home is this gorgeous storage space that at first glance looks like it’s only there for decorative purposes. It’s a great combination of functionality with style, however — the pastel green and the popping blue are hiding in plain sight the fact that this structure is also a spacious storage solution.

When couples start to live together, their stuff starts to live together, as well. Since we live in a material world, thought Forrest and Michelle, and since our stuff will surely trail us like our shadows do, why not store our possessions with a certain flair?

People have always built things for those they love. Taj Mahal is the cliched example of this — but there are fresher examples in the world today. Take the example of Celine Arnould — a trained hair-dresser and a designer. Look at her creations before we tell you anything about them:

These are porcelain cups made from the cut hair of her friends and family. We do not think twice about the volumes of hair that are discarded every time we get a haircut. Celine Arnould did think twice about this — and her design training allowed her to create art out of hair that would’ve gone to the dust-bin otherwise.

Do you have disagreements with your partner about how to decorate your home? When you buy a new home, do your preferences clash? Or do you think — like so many couples do — that your mutual tastes compliment each other to create something different and beautiful that would not be possible without the partnership?

Let us know in the comments below — and have a loving day!

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