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“Waist” Management

“Waist” Management

How social media has optimized the diet management industry

The alternate universe has brought the world closer together. Social media has established geographies for brands and reached out to the right audience for it from every nook and corner of the globe. A brand’s presence is no longer limited to its regional Diaspora. What’s more? It has incubated the birth of online stores and services cutting across traditional competition with neat outreach and strategic execution. Similarly, the re-inception of the diet management industry has gauged a mammoth TG from all age groups. It has in fact, created an audience where there was ignorance to the very idea of a healthy lifestyle.

The informative content on social media on the right diet has moved audiences to a whole new level of health consciousness. Coupled with blessed salaries, the temptation of beautiful clothes in sizes S &M and an entire timeline filled with instagramable locations, the diet management industry has transformed the way people perceive the concept of health. It’s no longer about satisfactory digestive system and ordinary eating; it’s about having the exact waistline and abs to flaunt through fashion the assets bestowed for models idealistically.

Like they say these-days, “It’s not so much about the brand; it’s about the copywriter that drives audiences to the brand.” The nature of content that is informative and life transforming is available on social media today. This information which was limited to the elite at one point in time through fee exchange in fancy clinics is now right there in your timeline and it simply doesn’t give you time to think before you click the “Buy” button anymore.

Millennials have opened up an entire market for organic fitness products and services. This followed by middle aged and retired senior citizens accompanying dieticians in their quest for the perfect body for the perfect occasion. Baby Boomers from the 80s are responsible for this trend and no-We can’t call it a fitness fad anymore. Services like yoga, in house gym instructors, Zumba, Tabata, online fitness training programs, etc and diet management companies have changed the face of this revolutionary trend of staying fit and fab.

The dynamic concept of healthcare has taken a position of prominence of body image maintenance in the last decade more specifically. With the boom in social media marketing from 2012, there are about 63% of Indians on a regular diet according to Foodindustryexecutive.com. This statistic is after discounting the underprivileged of our society. The population on diet is predominantly independent or secured financially. This percent includes a considerable population, increasingly on a middle level salary, also hooked to this trend of body image moderation.

The weight loss and weight management diet market is expected to garner $422.8 billion by 2020, registering a CAGR of 9.1% during the forecast period of 2015–2020. In this report, weight loss and weight management diet is defined as a diet that is consumed to lose weight, maintain body shape and avoid weight gain according to alliedresearchmarket.com.

The point is that a quality and flexible diet is easily accessible today and this is only thanks to social media that makes it convenient to be convinced of the advantages of the exact waistline (Exact waist, perfect weight). Whether diabetic, malnourished or obese, there’s a cure for everyone online.

Having said that, social media has optimized not only weight related disease prevention but it has brought about sustainable brand equity for the diet management industry. It has offered accessible knowledge related to diets and driven result oriented marketing for brands and dieticians around the world.

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