We proudly present our partnership with IndoSpace, India’s leading exponent in Grade A industrial and logistics real estate. As a dedicated project management firm, we embarked on a transformative journey to craft the base building (PEB) for 5 logistic parks across multiple locations in NCR, spanning an impressive total built-up area of approximately 4.5 million sqft.

Client Overview
IndoSpace’s influence as a trailblazer in the industrial and logistics real estate sector is unrivalled. Their commitment to revolutionizing the industry to cater to India’s burgeoning demands for industrialization and a robust warehousing and supply chain ecosystem is at the core of their mission.

Our Contribution
Our role extended far beyond construction; it was about translating IndoSpace’s vision into tangible structures. As pioneers in project management, we navigated the complexities of base building while overseeing the project management office (PMO) functions.

Transformation on a Grand Scale
The construction canvas stretched across 5 logistic parks in the NCR, a feat that showcased our agility in harmonizing diverse spaces under the unified umbrella of IndoSpace’s ethos. Our proficiency is fused with IndoSpace’s foresight to shape environments that mirror their mission.

Creating Tomorrow’s Excellence
With this project still in progress, we are actively shaping the future of these logistic parks. As each structure takes form, it becomes a living testament to IndoSpace’s commitment to technology, efficiency, and environmental sustainability.

Looking Forward
As we continue this transformative chapter of our partnership, we eagerly anticipate more milestones in our collaboration with visionary clients. Our commitment to delivering excellence in project management remains unwavering, and we’re excited to see the ongoing creation of spaces that embody functionality, innovation, and IndoSpace’s mission.

In summary, the IndoSpace Logistic Park project stands as an ongoing testament to our dedication to shaping environments that resonate with our client’s mission. It’s more than just logistic parks; it’s about translating vision into reality, fostering industrial growth, and creating spaces that are a harmonious blend of functionality and innovation.





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