We proudly present our collaboration with Myntra, a pioneer in revolutionizing the e-commerce landscape. As a dedicated construction management firm, we undertook the responsibility of base building (PEB) across multiple locations in North and South India, encompassing an impressive total built-up area of approximately 8 lakhs sqft.

Client Overview
Myntra’s influence as a trendsetting eCommerce trailblazer is undeniable. They’ve harnessed technology to democratize fashion and lifestyle choices, empowering people to express their individuality while looking their best.

Our Contribution
Our role extended far beyond the realm of construction. As stewards of Myntra’s vision, we meticulously managed the base-building process across various locations. Our goal was to ensure that their dynamic spaces echoed their ethos, while also providing functional and visually appealing environments.

Transformative Base Building
At the heart of our collaboration was the meticulous base-building process, integrating pre-engineered building solutions (PEB) with our expertise in construction management. Our commitment to precision resulted in a seamless fusion of architectural excellence, structural integrity, and design innovation.

North and South Unification
Spanning the geographical expanse of North and South India, this project brought together our capabilities in harmonizing diverse spaces under the umbrella of Myntra’s identity. Our ability to adapt to different locations while maintaining a consistent narrative is a testament to our agility.

Completed Excellence
The culmination of our efforts has resulted in the successful completion of this expansive project. Our team’s dedication, coupled with Myntra’s vision, has translated into dynamic spaces that embody both aesthetics and functionality.

Looking Forward
As we celebrate the successful completion of Myntra’s project, we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to collaborate with visionary clients. Our commitment to delivering excellence in construction management remains unwavering, and we’re excited to embark on new journeys of transformation.

In summary, the Myntra Base Building project stands as a testament to our dedication to shaping environments that resonate with our client’s aspirations. It’s not just about constructing spaces; it’s about breathing life into their vision while ensuring each space is a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality.





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