Anand Dhoka

Vice President

Anand Poonamand Dhoka,  Vice President at AMs, is an expert in procurement and contracts. With a B.E. in Civil Engineering and 20 years of experience in the construction industry, Anand has successfully managed diverse projects, including IT, institutional, commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

Anand’s notable achievements include receiving the AESA award for best project management on the Avasara project. His roles in previous projects involved budgeting, procurement, design coordination, and handling operational escalations. With specialised training in procurement, Anand possesses skills in project planning, risk management, stakeholder management, quality control, and regulatory compliance. His industry knowledge allows him to navigate complex projects and deliver results in challenging environments.

On a personal note, Anand enjoys hobbies such as singing and trekking. His diverse expertise, combined with his passion for personal growth and outdoor activities, make him a valuable asset to the AMs team.