Vinit Dungarwal

Founder and Visionary Leader

Vinit Dungarwal is an innovative and performance-driven entrepreneur with a deep passion for engineering business. With a strong educational background, including a Bachelor of Engineering in Civil, a specialisation in Construction Management from NICMAR (National Institute of Construction Management And Research), and a Diploma in Finance from ICFAI, Vinit brings a unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen to the table.

As the founder of AMs, Vinit has established a company that provides comprehensive consulting, construction, and collaboration services to cater to various business needs. With an entrepreneurial spirit, Vinit constantly seeks new opportunities to grow and expand the business, ensuring its success in a competitive market.

One of Vinit’s key strengths lies in his proficiency in Spiritual Thinking, a distinctive way of thinking that transcends conditioned patterns. This spiritual approach to leadership allows him to be a conscious and mindful leader, driving the company forward with a holistic perspective. Vinit strongly believes that spirituality should not be reserved for later stages of life, but embraced from an early age.

Throughout his journey as a first-generation entrepreneur, Vinit has encountered and successfully navigated numerous challenging situations. His high adversity quotient has played a pivotal role in overcoming obstacles and achieving remarkable results.

The inception of AMs was marked by a 100-day Proof of Concept and a 1000-day business plan, both backed by Vinit’s pledge to entrepreneurship. Today, AMs proudly celebrates its 16th foundation day, a testament to the company’s endurance and passion for excellence.

AMs is widely recognised as a project development company that guarantees a return on investment and delivers original quality with organic results. Vinit’s visionary approach led to the introduction of the “Glocal” concept, which represents a consultancy with global expertise combined with local knowledge. This value proposition has proven instrumental in meeting the diverse needs of businesses.

With Vinit Dungarwal at the helm, AMs continues to thrive as a leader in the industry, providing innovative solutions and exceeding client expectations.