Welcome to our showcase of excellence with TransPerfect, a global language services leader since 1992. As a dedicated design and build firm, we embarked on a journey to craft an exceptional interior fit-out for their Aundh, Pune location.

Client Overview
TransPerfect’s legacy as a language services provider is rooted in quality and global impact. Their mission to address complex business challenges through language solutions resonates with our commitment to delivering exceptional results.

Our Contribution
Our role went beyond construction; it was about shaping spaces that reflect TransPerfect’s ethos. Through our design and building expertise, we transformed their Aundh office into an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and functionality.

Seamless Interior Transformation
The 70,000 sq ft. transformation exemplifies our ability to blend aesthetics and practicality. Our design and build approach ensured that every corner aligned with TransPerfect’s mission, creating an atmosphere that promotes productivity and creativity.

Crafting Design & Build Excellence
Our design and build services offered TransPerfect a comprehensive solution that allowed us to harmonize architectural brilliance with structural soundness.

Project Completion
Today, we proudly announce the successful completion of TransPerfect’s Pune project. Our team’s dedication and TransPerfect’s vision culminated in an environment that mirrors their commitment to global excellence.

Looking Forward
As we celebrate this successful collaboration, we eagerly anticipate more opportunities to collaborate with visionary clients. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering, and we look forward to crafting more environments that resonate with our client’s aspirations.

In summary, the TransPerfect Aundh project encapsulates our dedication to shaping spaces that mirror our client’s mission. It’s more than just an office; it’s a reflection of a shared commitment to global excellence, language solutions, and our role in materializing that commitment.





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